3 Replies to “Someone is sending a message to the New World Order!”

  1. thomas

    Nice, could have made a more effective message to the shit heads, who put up their own tomb stone, like, “We Know Who You Are, and Were You Are, and We are Coming to Your Neighborhood, so be attentive and keep looking over your shoulder, the time is near

  2. Curious George

    75% of truck drivers quit their jobs and now 80% of deliveries aren’t making its routes. Only this kind of gas is available, the “93”/Supreme/Premium… 87 & 89 is out says Chevron. If you haven’t seen the Ford truck commercial that have the regenerating power in the front of the bumper then you’re losing the trail of the future because it is being snucked up and walking right into our reality. This gas shortage is the “Going Electric” movement. I guess they want 80% of US Dead because souls are full of energy and since they’ve been studying and experimenting they may have found a solution to a source of energy collection. It’s real out here 🤔

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