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  1. Annie

    It’s very sad when you can’t trust the doctors and nurses when they lie to you the police against you and is against you and your military you have No One but TMH!

  2. Darla Skinner

    I witnessed the bs personally here in Michigan, I was essential (lol) delivered to ER’s May 2019-June 2020. They were a ghost town, while MSM was stating the opposite. I also escaped attempted murder on myself February 18th, 2021 at St Joseph hospital ( trinity group) in Pontiac, Michigan. I had high BP, and BPM entered on February 16th @ 10 pm, I was drugged without a consult while being distracted by EKG nurse on the left, felt something warm go in my arm and said “hey WTH are you doing?” There was upto 7 people in, and out of room talking at me, not to me almost all at once! Mind you she was exposing my breasts and I stated dignity and privacy, and pulled my gown down they all chuckled? I said this is not proper protocol, I was a caregiver for 30 + yrs. Dr Essa ( ER doctor?) enter the room bouncing off the walls hyper walking back and forth. Asking strange questions “Why do you keep going to ER?” I said my BP and Bpm is high left side issues to my foot, right back flank hurts and my heart is not acting right. Then a nurse comes in and starts talking about a neurosurgeon, then a neurosurgeon ( Dr Lawrence Rapp, Stephen Rapps brother I fired 8 yrs before ) enters in full scrubs from a surgery evidently. Telling me we could operate today but tomorrow would be better at 4:30 pm. I said “What are you talking about, I didn’t hire you, and thats not why I’m here! Surgery would kill me instantly! He ignored me, and walked out.” The weirder it got the quieter, and calmer I got but I was praying and asking God and Holy spirit for protection! I knew something was horribly wrong, and my life was in danger. Holy spirit protection came over me and soothed me. They then took me for testing a CT scan was done head to toe twice in a row, “I said what are you doing, trying to cook me inside out?” They said “1st one didn’t take” I think they were trying to get me to lose it, I didn’t because I had a knowing I would be out of there if I stayed calm. Then they returned me to the ER room, Then two people from administration came in a lg brown haired women, and a pumped up black haired guy (he looked like a bouncer) and said per administration you have to get a PCR test, before results of Panel and CT scan. I said I Don’t believe in that or do I need it, I’ve been here 12 hours, and I been home a month and Don’t have covid symptoms..I said No 3 times, Then a guy shoved that Q-tip right up my left nostril I said why do you want my DNA?.. They said they would be admitting me, and putting me in a room. “I said what for, Not Covid and I haven’t had a consult or informed consent?” They smirked and ignored me, I was struggling to stay awake and was not informed what they put in my IV either. I was out numbered and weak, I knew I’d split as soon as I got to the room, when it was safe. These people are nuts, and acted like freaking robots with no emotion.. As they were wheeling me to the room I ask where am I going? 1st they said 3rd floor, then they said 7th floor. They were definitely trying to confuse, and scare me. But I guess they didn’t remember for 7 yrs in a row I was the caregiver of my Mom, and best friend back to back with cancer, being treated at this insane hospital ( I’m medically trained from experience)! Duh. I get to the room and that big brown haired administrator comes in, I said why the cameras? This is obviously a observation room, they observed me in ER, this is highly unusual!” She said “those cameras don’t work!” I said “yeah right!” This Asian nurse male named Steve comes in, I said who is the Doctor in charge on this floor he said “Dr Aziz is, you met her Already!” I said “I did not, why are you lying?” He turns the screen and says “see do you remember?” “Absolutely not, you might have drugged me but I am very aware!” Then I said “what floor is this?” He said “orthopedic floor pre-op” I said “no surgery will be happening, thats not why I’m here nobody is touching me!” He smirked and walked out. Mind you its day 2, no hydration, no sleep, no food. I go to the bathroom and drink from the sink, there are no toiletries, which I find odd since it took 12 hrs to get the room ready as they stated in ER.. I go out to hallway to check it out to plan my escape, but pretending I am just getting exercise. In the middle of the hallway is a huge screen ( smart tv) on it is a couple people’s rooms and hippa info, and room #’s but I am not on there ( I found that a huge red flag)? A young brunette nurse comes up and starts to scold me to get back to my room. I said “I’m a grown women, I can stretch my legs and exercise if I want to!” She says “I’m your nurse get back to your room, right now!” I said “know your not Steve is, the Asian guy!” She storms off.. I go to my room, and a young black nurses aid enters to do my vitals. She says ” I see you have your Bible, I’m a Christian too!” She is sweet and angelic looking and smiles at me and says I know whats going on here, and I have your back. I said ” I have to get out of here, and get proper care!” I believe she distracted them now that I think about it. Right after she left a India doctor enters and states “I am the hospital Mental health doctor here for your evaluation!” I said “listen! They drugged me without a consult or informed consent, did 2 CT scans in a row, PCR me when I said No and I’m not here for covid its my heart, no food, no hydration, no sleep so they are holding me against my will!” He looks wide eyed and scared and says ” I know nothing about any of this, and I did nothing wrong!” Then he runs out of the room! I got dressed so fast I put my sweats on inside out, put my stuff in hospital bag, ripped my sticker off the heart monitor, took pictures of the room and the dry erase board that said nurses name and cardiac. Looked both ways down hallway, jig jagged to the elevators, that same administration and anther LG lady ran upto me and said “where are you going, you can’t leave!” I said “I most certainly can, and right now I’m going to leave!” She said “your leaving against doctors orders”!” I said “who the fictitious Dr Aziz I never met!” She said “you need to sign this paperwork ” I said I’m not signing crap, you people are nuts!” “Its a matter of life and death I get the hell out of here!” The elevator doors open and I jump in. I was shaking like a leaf, and disoriented. But I had the semblance of mind, to get a Starbucks with a receipt in the lobby before finding my SUV.. I got in my vehicle outside ER, looked up to remember where my room was because I could see parking lot from my room. I drove around for hours trying to assess what just happened for 2, and a half days. I went home and called a nurse friend and what I tell her scares the crap out of her, but she is somewhat in denial? I eat, shower and pass right out from exhaustion.. I am startled by my Mom hollering in my ear get up get up its an emergency. She never hollered and has been deceased since 2010.. I awake to my Heart pounding bam bam bam, I take my BP and bpm and its past dead or near stroke or heart attack 217/ 114 109 bpm .. I call my oldest son who lives 5 minutes away, he says he’s at a friend’s an hour away I said call an ambulance please I think I’m going to stroke out, and feel like I’m gonna pass out.. I hang up and feel pain in my back and numbness in my left arm, I need to call I can’t wait.. They have monopoly ( illegal)in White lake twp Michigan, and only take you to DMC (Huron valley) which I Don’t wanna go there.( bad experience the year before) 2 cops and two emt come in after they did BP and BPM everyone scrambles I tell them I can’t walk I feel like I’m gonna pass out. They put me on stretcher and in ambulance he sets up EKG, and puts IV in preparation for ER puts nothing in it. They bring me in ER which is dead, 3 people sitting behind nurses station doing nothing. They put me in ER bed and I ask if he will stay with me till they come, he says another call I cannot and leaves. Mind you my heart feels like its struggling bam bam bam and going to explode I am saying the lords prayer out loud. Nobody is coming to my aid, I holler hello is anyone going to help me? A heavy set lady comes in but doesn’t say anything, puts me on EKG and walks out. Nobody touches the IV, not for blood hydration or anything.. I said I need something for my BP, and BPM before I expire What is going on here? I am fading in and out but very aware of my surroundings. A Doctor Ryan ( I read on his med coat)comes in and says drink this? I said “what is it?” he says “Potassium !” I said how would you know its low nobody took blood or urine? He walks out, then that nurse or nurse practitioner walks in and says you can leave now! I was like What? I almost died, what is wrong with you evil uncaring people? This is not health care, or proper protocol she just walks out ..Mind you its now 5 Am, no wheelchair or make sure I get home okay.. I get dress go upto nurses station, and said you better NOT send me a bill you people tried to kill me! I am weak and feel like I’m gonna vomit, I go to the bathroom outside ER and puke. Oh before I walked out of ER I told Dr Ryan off I said you take a hypocratic oath to do no harm, you harmed me negligence and malpractice buddy! He hands me lisinpril and a Xanax prescription the ass hole.. I don’t take benzos or narcotics, I’m holistic.. To be continued PS sorry so long and thats not the half of it. 6 hospitals 7 Times in ER and fraud, gross negligence and malpractice all over the place.

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