Looks like the U.S. Military is making its choice!


We believe this is the same guy! This kind of tells everyone that it was the U.S. Military that attacked the Capital Building. 

Biden, Generals and Secretary of Defense Murdering U.S. Soldiers quietly, but we cannot help them if they are going to shoot civilians.

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  1. zubigal

    From CodeMonkeyZ on Telegram
    Source: https://t.me/CodeMonkeyZ/1335:

    Soldiers do not follow ILLEGAL, IMMORAL or UNCONSTITUTIONAL orders.

    She is stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso.
    She works as a truck driver.
    Military occupational specialty is 88M.

    Not much time for shooting when you are driving around mess hall supplies.

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/nuggetsnchicken

    Source: https://t.me/CodeMonkeyZ/1337
    CDMedia Initiates Formal Media Inquiry With Fort Bliss Over Soldier Saying She Will Shoot Americans – CD Media
    CDMedia has been informed we will be updated with any developments. Commanding General’s Office Will Now ‘Wake Up Chief …

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