Killed in Australia over no mask!

This is what the NWO thinks of your existence thereby doing the bidding of the fallen! You mean nothing to the New World Order, they do not love you, they do not care about you. Every syllable is feigning and mimicking these aforementioned attributes. The words they speak are not real. 

Check out the comment below, now which story is real?

Nurses Speak out about the Experimental vaccine!

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  1. TVincent

    While I know there is incidence after incidence of tyrannical actions by officials, we need to be above reproach when sharing these clips. This was a teen in a bar (Nov 2020) who had come back in after being thrown out for misbehavior. It did not have anything to do with the mask and he did not die. Security guard is still in the wrong here though. The link has the real story.

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