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      The United Nations Charter has been revoked you can check the Hall of Records which just happens to be in Jerusalem and the National Archives in Washington D.C. The U.N. is now acting as a terrorist organization although it always has been. We the people must start making arrests of all politician and Elite in on this plandemic fake pandemic! Pan – De – mic (Pan god of the underworld)

  1. lynn

    lol the “q group” that he mentions is NOT “Q”, & I’m sorry if your a Alex Jones fan but He played both sides and it depends on who’s ass he is trying to kiss on a certain day is one what side he is on. I watched a video of him.saying that he is personal friends with “Q” and he just had dinner with “him” the night before and that is extremely impossible because the members of “Q” wouldn’t buy Alex a kids meal and Alex wouldn’t be able to afford to buy dinner for every Military General & Military Personnel within the group & that goes especially for Potus Trump (Q+ ) Who doesn’t trust Alex & btw I have a video of Alex screaming out “f*k Trump, f*ck him f*k his wife f*k his whole entire family”


    I understand for the love of a man that you feel is a patriot and is fighting for you. The fact of the matter is your Mr. Trump who I fell for too before you get all emotionally invested in hating on me! The fact of the matter is Mr. Trump is a member of the Black Sun which is a Satanic eternal order who’s oath upon death comes first above all including country. His son in law Gerard Kushner is a standing high in the Sanhedrin Council in Jerusalem another Satanic order and I have much more on these two evil character that could fill pages all of this of course is hidden and wiped from the internet. I am sorry and I am sure when you finally come to the realization of who and what Trump and his family really are it will probably be far too late. You have been occupied chasing a myth I am so heavily hearted to have to tell you this.

  3. Annie

    YES! I’ve also heard this black water Kardashians who are connected to kkk and bummer who is the real president behind the scenes telling biden & tump what to say and do. Eveyone is to turn whites against brown habitants(blacks) you kill us off then they come against you then they bring in Islam and all of the middle east. In texas they are still making people where mask on every bus docto office and stores. Gregg let them bring in bus and plan of Afghans and put them in Oklahoma with America’s benefits and housing social security cards and benefits. There has been rumors of war in texas and cali. Rumors of something big happening in Georgia I personally think it’s a (b) for 911. Trump mentioned Georgia in his last speech. I do believe it where brown inhabitants are. ALLEGEDLY DISCLAIMER.

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