9 Replies to “The 237th Broadcast of THE T-ROH SHOW”

  1. Frederick Sikes

    If people only knew what’s about to happen in this world. The fluoride has worked wonderfully . I completely understand were you’re coming from. I personally have tried to help people see what is happening and they really are just like the good book says. They will become lovers of self, greedy and blind and all evil and rebellion and lust will consume their every thought. I see it every day and it’s really taking a toll on good folks . There comes a time when you just say fuck em . You can’t help the drowning man unless you knock him unconscious first or he will pull you down with him.

  2. Joe Skelton PMA

    What I have found out is that most people that I talk to do not want to believe the truth. They seem to think that the corporate government is there to take care of them and give orders as to what to do. Just do not lose face because the ones of us that see the truth are 100% behind you and The United States of America Government. The truth always wins in the end.

  3. Brandon S Gibbs

    Thank you Keith for all of your time and efforts…as far as Sean Beller is concerned, I have an offer for him…I will make it real easy to find me…I’m sick of their shit and I was an interim office holder in the ANU…my address is NAC 7PJ57 PDFPV ico 5368 W County Rd 550 North, Petersburg, Indiana…come to my home w that treason shit and attempt to make a false arrest…that goes for the Crazy Anna crowd too…tired of fake ass people and if they are the authority they claim they are, come and enforce your rules here…our PGM, GPMs and ANU members are hard workers to try to help people and all the traitors want to do is destroy…well here I am…that’s all I have to say ..hope U publish this Keith

  4. Jack

    Keith, please consider making these videos for the Genoa Institute – people should be paying for the information you are presenting, plus it should keep the riffraff away. Just an idea… I appreciate all you’ve done and hope to keep learning. Thank you for everything you do!

  5. Darin L Matkoskey

    Sean guy was a questionable character before he ever tried to be a part of The United States of America, it is sad that the decision to allow be accepted was gracious but the first instinct to keep him out was correct.

    • Clayton Stoner

      Kieth, I am just starting my journey into freedom for me and my family because of all the hard work you and all of the others do to get your information out on the T-ROH show.
      You and your colleagues are reaching more individuals and families than you know and it’s a shame that small minded/shortsited people throw monkey wrenches into your efforts.
      I appreciate everything you have accomplished and are trying to accomplish. Keep the faith looking neither Left nor right for you are reaching those that truly want to be part of something amazing and bigger than themselves.
      Thank you, your efforts are not in vain.

  6. Jana Murray

    There is so much to learn and understand about true freedom. I would love to see the leadership here protected and appreciated for the risks taken. Can we not all be responsible for our lives, if given the resources to take control financially? To understand the timeline that needs to be implemented to make this a reality, would be a real blessing. Thanks for keeping us informed T-ROH Show.

  7. William Stone

    This really sucks this show has become my last and best hope for people to understand the deception that they have been brought under. It is amazing how peoples critical thinking skills have been completely destroyed. This was my only flicker of a flame left out there and I wont lie I will be heart broken to see it less. IT was the one thing I had to really look forward to hear some truth. I can not seem to find it but maybe 2 places on the entire internet! Well once a month is better than not at all!

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