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  1. thomas

    as for me, would not put up with this crap from an alleged court, since already having custody from another, this assumed court judge is coming assumpsit when the it is apparent that he lacks any authority in the matter therefor one must be non-assumpsit until the matter is proven and do not surrender your position, this is a kid napping matter along with a whole bunch of other issues, my opinion is do not proceed and take the child by force, you have the authority already granted by the former court, and just where is this type of court listed, I have my own court and do not play tennis, shit like this really get my goat.

  2. thomas

    now if they or whomever is the they did not like the outcome of the court granting custody then I would conclude that there would be an appeal to the next level of court from the one whom granted custody, and since there seems not to be the later then the former stands in standing to the outcome.

  3. thomas

    Now, the question is what are the rules of the court?, what most do not know is if they are going by their rules of the court you have to have a copy and in most situations the courts do not go by their rules and the clerk may be running the court, not the judge for he/she must have a seal and I bet its not what you think.

  4. Rhonda Richardson

    Yea the original court that issued 100% custody should be involved. And if it was Florida, get the governor involved. He will see this as kidnapping, where Washington is refusing Florida’s court order for Tracy to have 100% custody of the daughter. Give it a try. Best of luck!

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