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  1. Brandon S Gibbs

    Great show again…both of my parents have been vaccinated and I will see one of them today and I am going to check the injection site if he will let me…those videos have me real curious now…thanks again for the truths that U put out for all of us to see!!!!

  2. Annie

    Tatoos has nano’s in them they will activate when the switch is flipped mark of the beast is the jab which is nanoes in the body boost shot will turn you to flesh eating zommies.

  3. zubigal

    Back when we had cassette tapes and needed to erase them, we use a de-magnetizing tool instead of recording over the existing audio. It would be interesting to see if we used that tool on these folks whether or not the ‘magnet/metal test’ would fail. In some, they are magnetic all over their body (see https://t.me/LauraAbolichannel/2280). I also wonder if they couldn’t resolve their magnetic situation, what would happen if one of them got an MRI?

    The chip is definitely hooked in, see an image here (https://t.me/davidavocadowolfe/24882) of a nano microprocessor sitting in the tip of a needle for perspective. It CAN BE ACCESSED via the Dark Web as explained in these posts:

    Part 1 Intro 2m36s

    Part 2 4m15s (Russian vid logging in to his quackccinated friend’s status on the dark web)

    Part 3 1m39s (the guy at the bar w/the Bluetooth connection)

    Part 4 Summary 3m42s

    On the CONSENT, they are giving consent, but the real technicality here is that they are NOT giving INFORMED consent. The key word here is INFORMED. Since the injection is an experiment, has not received FDA approval (only FDA authorization for emergency use in the plandemic), AND there are no ingredients listed on their web pages and there are no package inserts with WRITTEN ingredients listed, you CANNOT give INFORMED consent. ALSO, the shot does not fall within the LEGAL definition of a vaccination. This is why it should NOT be called a vaccine, it MUST be called either an INJECTION, a SHOT, or a JAB.

    There are not only ‘frozen’ people, but this post shows a gal who freezes mid-stream, almost like a quick reboot: https://t.me/ScrewBigGov/779. This solitary mall shopper did get the whole freeze in this post: https://t.me/ScrewBigGov/785. All this gives new meaning to the term “Stiff”…

    Not only is a chip being injected, there are also nano particles as shown in live blood Dark Field Microscopy here: https://rense.com/general96/shocking-live-blood-analysis-after-vax.php. (The original post is here: https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=2885164348468928&set=pcb.2885165928468770). The 3rd image shows the nano particles; it looks like the blood serum is littered with glitter.

    Do not limit your scope in going after ONLY the manufacturers. The other liable parties, who are liable in BOTH their professional AND in their PERSONAL capacity, are ALL those who promote AND those who dispense the injection into your body. Those other liable parties include, and are not limited to, media, advertisers, news reporters, actors, musicians, social influencers, doctors, nurses, teachers, pharmacists, education administration personnel, business owners, other professionals (think Gates), those on Boards of Directors, etc., etc., etc.

    There are reports that insurance companies (medical and life) consider the injection an experiment and they default to the exclusion clause of your policy. In other words, if you have health issues resulting from the injection, you also have NO insurance to cover your medical bills. And if you die as a result of the injection, your life insurance will not pay out to your beneficiaries. Check with your carrier before getting an injection.

    And remember, since this shot is an EXPERIMENT, all of those listed in the “liable parties” paragraph above are COMMITTING CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and are subject to Nuremberg-type trials.

  4. Bammwow

    We are all fukkled, as we r players in the Truman show, and death is the only way out. Some one is getting a kick out of the story line aka this life, but it is not us.
    The curse of the red pill life. Is at the end, where is the savior?
    Why won’t he come?
    We cannot hold on much longer.

  5. Marc Christopher Jesse Fullmer ,Trustee

    This is the CRIME of the millennium and it includes the Adrenochrome
    Child trafficking and organ harvesting
    there is no way the doctors don’t know about the chip sets. The vaccine is only the delivery system the chip has to be preloaded into a special syringe Probably all set up or the doctors would have to load them

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