5 Replies to “The 228TH Broadcast of THE T-ROH SHOW”

  1. Joe Skelton

    I think that these scumbags should suffer all kinds of discomfort and hard labor for this . Or you could turn them loose to the parent of the abused kids. They need to be stopped.

  2. thomas

    Barbed and concertina razor wire along with alleged national guard around your place of business not to mention the so called police, NICE to KNOW your shit SCARED of the real American Nationals and those whom have figured out the SCAM of DECEPTION you have pulled off is coming to and end, how is that chill down your yellow spine feel while you sleep with one eye open, its OVER and YOU KNOW It

  3. Tina

    šŸ–•šŸ˜ šŸ–•. To all who are involved in the scheme to destroy America by way of DC, the media, Hollywood, or any other medium:. Unless you repent… All of you pathetic lost souls are bound for eternal darkness and damnation as the bottomless pits sucks you forever into its suffocating and wretching iron grip as you experience every moment of hell of your own making which you have brought forth on the Earth!!! All the time you have left here on Earth shall be filled with your worst fears!!! Your mouths shall be shut up and your hands bound preventing you from doing evil in the sight of God!!! It is so!!!

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