8 Replies to “SMOKING GUN VIDEO: Fauci Project Manager Confesses to Creating Covid-19”

  1. thomas

    Knew all this from the start the day before the mask issue popped up, matter of fact, told a doctor of what i thought was going on since some where going to use the N-95 mask and told them that the mask was of no use, it should be an M-95 type is it was a blood agent since causing blood clots while a blood agent can come through the eyes the N-95 is not a full face mask like the military has with eye pockets for blood capsules as the anti agent, had experience with CBR while an NCO in Military long time past as NCOIC in that area then left when it started getting real stupid between 1965 to 67, (time to go home professor)

  2. Ilene E. Davis

    my brother, 40 years as a cardiologist before he retired, said this was a manufactured (not natural) virus a year ago.

  3. ilene davis

    where is Mitch Rapp (hero in Vince Flynn novels) when you really need him in real life !!!

    Fauci is a murderer and a traitor.

  4. Sarah Smith

    I knew this a year ago and I have genuinely tried to warm America but to no avail b ecause of the lies of Fauci and Gates. They have shut down doctors and nurses who know this. Now the word is out for the only agenda is depopulation. If people don’t wake up and hold these criminals responsible we will only have more fake pandemics and fake terminal “vaccines” The goal of the globalist is depopulation!!! If I can see and research this so can you America. This has already been done in India and Africa and many children are sterile and sick. Here within 6-12 months anybody who has taken this shot could die. Its just that simple. Don’t believe me search it for yourself and think what you will but its nothing but bioterriosm.

  5. Daryl

    Trusting a person like Fauci is extremely stupid
    Because he doesn’t REALLY CARE ABOUT ANYTHING Except his name in lights (seemingly)

    There’s no doubt in my mind that Fauci
    STARTED this entire thing !

    From all of the facts that we have (so far)
    It would definitely seem like he knew that he was attempting to create a Coronavirus that would kill a lot of people !

  6. Daryl

    It’s very very difficult indeed to continue living in this
    Sin-sickened massively evil world 🌎

    The enemy (Satan and his demon buddies) are now
    “Pulling all of the punches” to attempt a massive takeover ! Obviously 🙄

    This will NOT end well !!!

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