1. Danny

    Somebody made a comment on on paulstrammer.net on a recent article written by Anna Von Rats.
    The NAC codes are NOT connected to the UN ? Right? The Noahide laws are from what i understand A law passed in the fake DC Government that gives Jews the right to kill Christians.? Unbelievable. If I think we need to Strike Down this Law and Make Publish it. Thanks Here is the comment below.

    ShelbyMay 1, 2021 at 4:11 PM
    Same thing with these folks here
    They enrolling folks directly with NAC codes all linked to the UN and human rights and publishes the 7 NOAHIDE laws and claims to own all the land and they two publish shit about Anna and Anna published shit about them and on and on it goes

    Meanwhile the brainwashed from the last few decades are marching with Greta to SAVE THE EARTH and their UN AGENDA MOVES FORWARD AT BREAK NECK SPEED
    Like Santos and Sasha Stone the live in a tent and sing fa la la la la la la la la
    Meanwhile they all work for the crooks

    Their fake ass ITNJ their international tribunal for natural justice bullshit

    Same thing with the international court of justice

    goodE2bootsMay 1, 2021 at 4:32 PM
    If I recall correctly, TROH or one of the other ones, domeciled itself in Israel… I think it was given a tiny piece of land to operate out of.

    • trustee

      Those Anna groupies rely on nothing but rumors. NAC’s have nothing to do with the UN. We have nothing to do with Noahide laws. NOAH laws have nothing to do with Noahide laws. No one claims to own all of the land. They are nothing but a whole lot of stupid in her cult and you can’t fix stupid.

  2. Chief

    Well by doing my Family Search, I a man probably have more Royal Bloodline Lineage Ancestors than the so called CROWN. My family’s Bloodline crosses all Ethnic Bloodline Royals. In reality the Evil ones owe us sum serious Back Due rent payments.
    The sad part is we the people need to stop using the systems that came up with, instead put our own in place of it. A friend also has a lot of similar interconnected bloodlines also.
    The Treaty’s have been broken many times over. Therefore I do not Trust them with any thing. For they cannot Honor their Oaths, nor their word. One of the reasons the Bible says certain things.
    Peace to + for All

  3. Leinani Cambra

    This was very informative, thank you so much! I was led here again via a telegram thread within the Hawaii Island Assembly.
    I have been following the Life Force group for over a year now and I truly resonate with other like minded people that are within that network. I clearly heard the woman’s statement on this video that Kim & Tank are frauds. Do you know what their true intentions are?

    I truly appreciate your educational content & I’m strongly considering taking that step forward to get AWAY from the sick, evil crown. I’d love info regarding doing the same process for my kids as well.

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