7 Replies to “The 226TH Broadcast of THE T-ROH SHOW”

  1. ars

    👍🏻Yes Anna and her husband need to be jailed for life. There fraud needs to be ended and all those involved who propagated her and it need to be stopped, found and sentenced and jailed. It’s time
    and may it be now or soon, done in Yahushuah’s name.

  2. Mark

    Hey Andre ,
    Thanks for sharing. Everyone should go to that Ripoff Platform and file a complaint against these Impostures, in order to blast the truth over the www and to help protect others from falling into the rather evil entrapment. Its not slander or defamation of character when one is telling the Truth and from my research the truth that this Very Strange American States Assembly and Anna Von Reitz are misleading the people and we need to REPORT THIS CRIME. Thank You for your service. And to Keith, Keep up the Honorable Work, and May God be with you. Mark R

  3. Annamarie Woodhead

    Wow! I started my journey looking for the truth about what has happened to our country by buying a couple of “Anna’s” books. Fortunately I did continue down her road.

    There are many people I’d like to share this with. However I’d like to have your blessing to do so.

    Thank you for sharing.

  4. JB

    I am glad you did this. I came across her site at the end of last year. She seemed like the real deal, but I didn’t do anything (as far as status changes). I wanted to wait and see what she was really all about. And, now the picture comes clearer. Thanks!

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