3 Replies to “We have run out of people that want to be euthanized!”

  1. Linda K Nix

    I will be one not to suffer any effects of the jab. I didn’t get one. I lost an 11y/o gdaughter due in part from Gardasil. That causes cancer does not prevent it. She lived 8 mos after diagnosis as they ran that acid thru her veins. Her last 10 days in a NICU I wouldn’t wish anyone to see of someone so loved by her Mamaw. I’ll never take another jab. I wish their was a class action suit against Merck Pharmaceuticals. She got Leukemia which is #4 on the list of what is in Gardasil.

  2. jamila

    what tv news show is responsible for the video about euthanized? I have searched everywhere and cannot find it so i will ask.

    Thank you

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