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  1. Frederick Sikes

    When my son passed from this world back on the 6th I knew it was God’s will. The months preceding his death I was in constant prayer for his will to be done and I really thought he was going to make it but deep down inside I knew He was going to take him. I walked outside to pray again and I looked up at the heavens and I saw a star that shouldn’t of been there. I was almost going to run inside and get my fiancé to show her but as I looked up at this star it got intensely bright and shot straight up and away and every hair on my body stood up and I felt a wave of what I can only describe as electric spirit that left me shaking. I knew God had given me his answer. I came inside and my fiancé noticed I was visibly shaken and I told her what I saw and she said that that was indeed a sign from the Most High. I thought my son was safe and the next day I got the news. I thanked The Father in Yahushuah’s name and I felt a calming spirit around me . I’m going to miss seeing my baby boy in this world but I know he is in Abraham’s bosom. It’s very sad when I see people get mad at the one who made us when He is truly in control of everything. I thank him continuously for his will and I know I will see my son again soon. Not long ago it would have been a very different scenario as I didn’t have the knowledge of the Father and Yahushuah to lift me from this world and I am not of this world.

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