5 Replies to “Why don’t they teach cursive writing anymore?”

  1. Heath norris

    I have a secondary take on that subject matter if you study cuff’s numbers and how money is created or quote money is created in the cabal system they monetize your signature and I personally think they don’t want anybody knowing how powerful their signature is but that whole Constitution thing as I think is part of the program but it’s just another step in the dumbing down of our children our generations to where they have to rely solely on the government and it’s so called authority figure slash agents

      • Michele Whiting

        Your signature is the finalization of your obligation and the terms of said obligation. With all the social passing going on these kids can’t read which makes them easier to indoctrinate. They are not teaching critical thinking so understanding the contract is not likely making the need to sign really irrelevant.

        Truth is teachers are more afraid of their students or persecution for interacting with them they don’t have the inclination to teach.

    • Deidra Rae

      Cursive handwriting also connects the right and left side of the brain. It’s artistic creativity AND a “second” written language. Part of the plan to dumb-down the population.

  2. Elizabeth A Wallace

    Cursive is also forensic in each person it shows up like a signature/imprint..of behavior, truth, demeanor so they erase our own identity by disposing of this means of communication.

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