6 Replies to “The 222nd Broadcast of THE T-ROH SHOW”

  1. Robert House

    I have been telling everyone that Anna is doing a 360 back into the citizenship of the corporate government. Also, that one can not claim a document that is not owned by the one, known as a ., “Birth Certificate”.

  2. Brandon Gibbs

    What an AWESOME broadcast!!! Sorry I fell asleep before the show!!!! The only thing I can say is that I wish there were more stubborn people out there instead of sheep being led to the slaughter…both physically and spiritually!!!! Thank you for all you do Keithamd those who are doing the work!!! There are those of us that are extremely grateful for our Post Master General

    • trustee

      This rule is not negotiable, do not place links to other sites on this site. We are not advertising for other websites unless there is an agreement in place. Stop placing links to other sites, and the comment stays within the subject matter of the show and your comment get published, if not they are deleted.

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