2 Replies to “Acts of war against civilians by medical community!”

  1. Marc Christopher Jesse Fullmer, trustee

    The Criminals running these operations should be rounded up tried and executed for planned genocide. The technologies involved are easy to track and show who is behind the culling of the people worldwide.
    Think what it means if all of the Military are now infected. As the powers that be spend millions to scare the public into submission.

  2. TrueNorthernStar

    Morgellons has been the silent disease for the last 20 years. Many videos have been put out on an individual basis showing as seen here, under microscope the wiggling nano worms.
    A wonderful lady Reverend from Florida was putting out much of this stuff over 5 years back. And of course, as always labeled a nut from the daft. Here is here youtube chan. She has gone dark. Don’t know if she is still here. Bless her beautiful soul.

    AKA: TrueNorthernStar

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