Another communist cop in Galveston Texas! Texas cops got the memo but have trouble with the words…

65-Year Old Texas Woman Tackled, Arrested For Refusing To Mask A Day After Abbott Lifted Mandate


We all need to start a donation drive to send each police officer in Texas a rubber helmet for their own safety for when they ride the short bus back and forth to work.  Make sure you speak slowly to Galveston cops because you may confuse them with your words and they become violent towards the weak and helpless. Specific grunts might help in your communication efforts because they believe they came from monkeys.

This is defending our southern border folks. They protect the thousands of illegals but arrest the weak and helpless trying to defend their own lives. Texas cops are traitors to Texas. We have a suggestion for Texas but we know we have to speak slowly so they don’t get confused. If you are NOT going to protect people from tyranny, quit your job and let the people protect themselves. 

4 Replies to “Another communist cop in Galveston Texas! Texas cops got the memo but have trouble with the words…”

  1. Marc Christopher Jesse Fullmer, trustee

    That’s Total Bullsh*/ thet this is happening in America. This is how we are going to treat our Grandmas & Grandpas. For not wearing a mask?
    The Mayors and Governor’s better quit taking there orders from the Banker’s because they will get the violence they are trying so hard to incite. Don’t kick my dog or my Grands because I will be coming for Ya.

  2. Linda K Nix

    Marc Christopher Jesse Fullmer, trustee. Great reply. While I try to keep a positive energy its things like this that make me wonder about what actually is going on. We’ve been told huge lie for generations. I no longer will believe in anything that I see or hear until proven. This video is disturbing, at best. Everything I’ve researched for over 6 yrs is true. I pray that 70+Americans, who voted for TrUMp would ban together against the corruption that has taken over our world. It’s time to take it back by all 70+ of us.

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