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  1. Robert House

    The U.S. Military did not bomb anyone. It was made to look as if they did. In order to start a war you do the deed and blame it on another and you create a war. We have been witness to these tactics forever by the elite.

  2. Cheryl Kissell

    You mention men have jealousy/envy … Trust me Keith, it’s women as well…

    The Gates/Fauci order was covered by the Pub beforeitsnews…I had many friends send it to me and I was thrilld to be able to say…that’s MY government..which confused a LOT of people 🙂

    Wow…what a wicked Woman, I wonder if she is a lesbian like Susan B Anthony was….another wicked woman if you look at her history. Geez, like we don’t have enough problem on division just from the Government services Corp.

    So what name did he use with the Paris agreement? How can he give OUR electricity to China? Douchebag is a good name for him hahahaha

    Robert House…if the Pentagon addressed the issue how can you claim the US Military did not bomb anyone? Our own Marco Rubio also acknowledged it…Earlier, Kirby said the U.S. action was a “proportionate military response” taken together with diplomatic measures, including consultation with coalition partners.

    Republican Sen. Marco Rubio also called the strikes “proportional and necessary.”
    Contributing: Associated Press

    That was a wonderful meme…most won’t laugh at it…they take it very seriously.

    Wow the Proof of brain damage is SO clear. So you have to be cited…what if they deny service and prohibit entry or throw you out on the street because you have no mask?

    Thanks as always for another Grrrr8 show !

  3. William Stone

    I have yet to see any of these liens to stop, rectify, or prevent the ratification of any orders to prevent the ongoing violation of the human rights of the people. There is no one to enforce these liens.

    • trustee

      How would you know? We haven’t seen you since 2018. Why haven’t you put an assembly together? See this folks, the men are a bunch of whiners and show bouts of despair all of the time. William Stone has no clue what has happened since 2018.

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