4 Replies to “History repeats itself from 1918 to today!”

  1. Cheryl Kissell

    You guys are incredible researchers to find that MASK wearing dates back to the early 1900’s. Do you know how long it lasted.

    So they had the nerve to call non-mask wearers “dangerous slackers” WOW

  2. Wade Meadows

    I saw a CIA briefing from Bill Gates the state the antidote makes peaceful passive especially Christian enthusiastic they’re trying to make us all sheep

    • Wade Meadows

      You can Google it and look there’s the briefing with Bill Gates briefing the CIA and they’ve he’d created the virus to use against Syria and Afghanistan terrorist to make them pacifist and he said the virus does not do it the antydote does and cures Christian radicalism how would you take that

  3. Wade Meadows

    The reason for the whole virus mask and all Bill Gates and the cabal want to destroy half the world’s population and if we’re cheap we will let them and not say a word not stand up for ourselves at all be like the Jewish people walking the gas Chambers during the Holocaust how we’re going to send you to a new place we’re just going to send you to a shower

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