6 Replies to “Vaccination- All are on notice!”

  1. Marc Fullmer

    Terrifying this is what the power that be have planned for us. it looks very much like parkinson’s
    The officials Putting these mandate out need to be held accountable
    The hospitals are so bad they let their own staff take this garbage.

  2. Tina Marie Ritchie

    I am praying for you, God bless your heart. Nobody should have to go through anything like that for a virus. those vaccines are dangerous. Thank you for doing this video and letting people know what it did to you. i really hope that they can get you back to yourself. God bless you .

  3. Vicki

    Trump should have removed immunity for these vaccine companies. They ALL need to be held accountable for the harm they cause. And the FDA needs to held also for allowing the use of an unapproved vaccine for emergency when there clearly is none, distributed world wide solely for the purpose of GENOCIDE!
    There is no way any drug or otherwise could be produced and claimed to be safe and effective without years of trials and close observation! That is the ONLY way to prove safety and efficacy. Without time all you have really is an experiment.

  4. Yannie

    My heart just cries for her and Every living person that has taken the vaccines. I said long time ago that I would Not be taking the vaccines and I live in that state of texas who is really being run by the the oil & gas ex presidents not Trump

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