2 Replies to “Will the Real Biden please stand up?”

  1. Neo

    Somebody claiming to have the keys to the Authentic United states of America, now claiming the only way to legitimize /protect it would be to tax those wishing to profess their American status is pure bullshit and you know it. Uploading unprofessional videos of this fraud Biden as you have makes you look like you have a third grade education. A third grader does not hold the mind faculties to run a country even if its his own country. Where is your daddy? Obviously you have not walked long and hard enough with Christ for him to be your Father or have you allowed him and put in the blood and sweat to have him Quicken your spirit. You been stabled in the back, you poor thing , that your fault cause you allowed it. Enough!

    • trustee

      Hello Folks, We have been ignoring this guy on youtube and now he has come on this website with these personal attacks again. He is from Mena Arkansas and has a definite closet gay dude infatuation with the host. It has been driving him crazy because that he does not get the attention he believes he deserves. PURE CLOSET GAY DUDE IN LOVE WITH AN IMAGE HE CREATED!

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