One Reply to “The 206th Broadcast of THE T-ROH SHOW”

  1. Rhonda Richardson

    Now that was funny! And it is sad to say…but it’s true!
    Keith you may want to brand your upcoming testosterone product…call it something like “YOUR JONH WAYNE CAN OF TESTOSTERONE” or “BALLS IN A CAN”
    . Or hit it home with a true American legend…

    EARPS HEAD…feel the man power!
    Unleash the Buffalo hunting, gun slinging, brothel keeping, gold mining, fearless gambler inside of you!
    Become the man God intended you to be

    “And today’s special is … get a full case free when you buy 3 at full price! Guaranteed to turn your man boobs into an impressive package of man junk! Hurry while supplies last, you’re running out of time to man-up and supplies are limited”. Your country needs you! BE A MAN!!

    Comes in chocolate, vanilla and coffee flavors


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