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  1. Robert-dean:House

    I know for a fact in Charlotte County Florida the selected leaders have no oath nor bound. They do not need to have them for they are not Government but usurped GOVERMENT CORPORATIONS. I recently replied to an Attorneys Summons signed by a Corporate Administrator of the UN thought to be a Judge but no where on the summons does it say “Judge”. I simply replied under common law self governance with an affidavit Stating, ” I do not consent or assent to this summons contract number 20-370CA and I do not consent or assent to a court enforcing this contract nor do I consent or assent to the jurisdiction of the court”. This stopped their communication of the matter which is a land dispute. Tickets, summons, writs, etc. are forms of contracts to trick you into their fraud. 239-229-6243.

  2. Robert-dean:House

    “I, A, B, do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States” United States as defined in Article 28 U.S.C. ss 3002 paragraph 15, ” A Federal Corporation” Now what?
    People need to claim who they are and self govern under common law which supersedes their statutes and codes. Start a County Assembly and select your Grand Jury and drive on.

  3. Robert-dean:House

    Under the Affidavit of truth in common law self government I have taken back my mode of transportation and canceled out the states D.L. and Vehicle Registration, claimed full payment of the tag as mine and ownership of the conveyance as mine. I have been stopped once and the tag run five times, No ticket nor arrest for not have the three “vehicles” I own registered with them. For more of how to do, go to “chrlotteclerk.com” and put my name in the records search, Robert House, for all that I have claimed under common law self governance.

  4. Robert-dean:House

    Keith, you just got done convincing the viewers that there is no justice due to no one having oaths and judges have put people in jail under their own liability. Then please explain how it is that we should believe that Mr. Belcher’s record is of any just?
    You can attract more with honey than vinegar.

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