The 196th Broadcast of THE T-ROH SHOW

county assembly training video #2


2 Replies to “The 196th Broadcast of THE T-ROH SHOW”

  1. Joe Skelton


    I pledge allegiance to GOD
    and for what HE stands for
    HE forsakes me not
    and redeems me forevermore
    HE restoreth my soul
    and watches over me
    and never loses hold
    that gives freedom for free
    if only I shall ask
    for Heaven on earth
    to be HIS loving task
    WHO is waiting patiently
    to take me home to THEE

    B -basic
    I -instructions
    B -before
    L -leaving
    E -earth

    thoughts of Joe Skelton

  2. Robert-dean:House

    What about the copy rights to the county seals and, The State of ______?

    I get it, that the seals were ours in the first place and that they were hijacked.

    All the more reason to end the Corporations who have been assuming and or presuming who we are.

    Do a Live Life Claim and record it with them.

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