6 Replies to “The 193rd Broadcast of THE T-ROH SHOW”

  1. Joe Skelton

    Before that I knew that The Government of The United States of America was even formed, I also read a lot of the fake information from several of these patriot groups. I was searching for the right path, while reading the Bible and knowing that there was a true path to righteousness some where, then I found out about the T-Roh Show. I am glad I did. I am doing all I can to do what is right and learn the way.

  2. Robert-dean:House

    As I said before on this post, Anna is taking people into a 360 back around into a corporation. I am not with any type of a organization or society other than that of a free man, as a non-citizen people as God claims us all as his people. People is also used in the original Constitution. Even though Citizen does not exist, it is being assumed presumed by others, especially the courts.

  3. Jude

    The taking of blood oaths in a Club (Vatican-Holy See) that has a false facade of doing good works will result in a curse, or demon possession, coming on a person. The Bible says so.

    Anna von Rietz is under a curse controlled by demons for taking that oath. I guess now she wants to take as many down with her as she can just like the Fallen Angel Lucifer, AKA Satan.

  4. Kent Lindemann

    The “cop video” is fun and funny. It is TOTALLY STAGED. Not real.
    The Cop says “cargo van” and it is clearly a car. and the “driver” stated it was a car.

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