4 Replies to “The 192nd Broadcast of THE T-ROH SHOW”

  1. Johnny

    Great, excellent and exceptional broadcast. I hear there is a Trial on 9.11. next week to silence this Masked Moron.

    The Putrid Filth is not getting our Country!

    If the Trial on 9/11 does not shut her up, I hear from very credible sources there is an vacancy with her name on it at GTMO. She needs this in order to try to sort out the Strong Delusion she is under.

    Forget About It! No need to defend yourself Keith, The light will shine and blast the darkness to Hell. I prey also for my enemies. It is commanded by God.

  2. Robert-dean:House

    U.S. and United States, “Citizen”, comes from the assumption or presumption of ones belief and is often used in the DeFacto courts to deceive the people. “People”, is what is referred in the original Constitution. Thus, it would be correct to use, “non-citizen people” to identify ones self along with an autograph and Gods I.D. of a right thumb print and if by chance you lost the right one then use the one left…

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