2 Replies to “A Warning from Australia and a plea for help!”

  1. lisa Gai

    im an Australian and we are in trouble our judiciary is corrupted that we have no hope of ever gaining back our constitution we have national cabinet that is bypassed the people’s parliament and a making directives On the Run that are not laws as they’re not gazetted nor have they passed through the Parliament and been given the ok by the people we no longer have police services they are policy in forces our dictator government has rammed through legislation curtailing Communications and freedom on the internet as to what we’re allowed to see talk about or post they are even censoring personal emails we are in full blown dictatorship with no recourse for the people through the Judiciary process as our judge is no longer swear allegiance to the people we have been disarmed as a people with no rights to defend ourselves against Tyranny of government and this was all done by stealth through the Australia ACT without a referendum which was law under our true constitution of 1901as a result we are looking at forced vaccinations home invasions by policy in forces

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