The 184th Broadcast of THE T ROH SHOW


Backup to a Quarter Million views this month so far. Hopefully we will regain our 2.5 million views per week soon that stopped after the server crash.  

9 Replies to “The 184th Broadcast of THE T ROH SHOW”

  1. Hector Heathcote

    I got the Skinny on Princess Anna almost a decade ago . Started watching vids from a self proclaimed whistle blower , former legal department lawyer Karen Hudes . She said Von Reitzenstein really worked for the roman pope and by default the crown . She must be a sell out , plant or something else un-American , that has more than a few bus loads of sheeple bamboozled . Allegedly the world’s true wealth , is held in an account under SWB , Spiritual White Boy . Princess Anna was supposedly trying to abscond with the people’s money , held in trust in that account .

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